Friday, August 2, 2013

Sacramento Liquefied Gas Fire Extinguishers

Sacramento Liquefied Gas Fire Extinguishers

Liquefied gas extinguishers use compressed gasses like Halon or Halon 1211 to aid in extinguishing a fire or containing the rapid spread of fire. These unique fire extinguishers are designed for specific area use, such as computer rooms, file storage facility, precious valuables designed to handle Class A fires such as organic solid material such as wood, Class B fires that involve liquid such as gas and oil, and Class C fires that involve electricity.
Always work with actively State licensed fire extinguisher companies when performing service, repair, refilling, recharging, hydrostatic testing, annual tags or replacement of your fire extinguishers.

Sacramento Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a great addition to protect any home, car, vehicle, marine, vessel, aircraft carrier, airports, commercial business, industrial facility or structure. You may need to comply with Sacramento fire codes, rules and regulations through the installation of fire extinguishers and mounting brackets.
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